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The digital magazine “MIR” (Marketing Innovations and Resources) offers you an opportunity to promote your goods and services on the Internet for free. Immediately after registration, you can list your organization and its field of activity in our database. Additionally, our magazine provides a pathway to global publishing platforms such as issuu.com and joomag.

We offer this advertising space at no cost. However, to maintain quality and fairness, we request that you refrain from posting the same advertisement daily. For those looking to enhance their visibility, we offer a special paid service to highlight your advertisement. Our site is moderated, and any spam will be promptly removed along with the responsible account. Let’s respect each other’s time and efforts.

Free advertising placement is also available in our Facebook group.

Moreover, you have the option to place a banner ad here with a link to your website or page.

A nice bonus! At the end of each year, the most outstanding advertisement will be featured free of charge for one year as a banner on the right side of our site, labeled “The Best Advertisement of the Year.” This is provided that the advertisement complies with advertising laws.

Please note, inactive accounts will be automatically deleted by our system after 6 months of inactivity.

Should you wish to request banner creation and placement, or if you have any other questions, please contact our support service.

Thank you for choosing to be with us!

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